Education & Training

Technology and training centre

for bakers, confectioners and bakery sales personnel

We support you and your employees with our training courses in all aspects of production and the sale of bakery products.

In cooperation with the Chambers of Crafts in Potsdam, Cottbus and Frankfurt/Oder, the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and the College Association of Bakers and Confectioners Bergholz-Rehbrücke e. V., we offer a multi-facetted and comprehensive training and further education programme.

Range of services

Every year we offer full-time training courses as preparation for the master baker’s and mater confectioner’s exams.

Our programme range also includes special short courses for graduates from technical colleges for obtaining the master craftsman degree. The courses are conducted together with the Potsdam Chamber of Crafts (HWK). The board of examiners of the HWK Potsdam hold the exams.

This newly developed training course focuses on the transfer of knowledge of complex topics. It is structured into several six week modules that take place throughout the year. You will gain the necessary know-how so that you can become a senior manager within your company in the future.

This is a training course that is organised in modules and is aimed at companies from the bakery trade, the supplying industry and the bakery machine construction sector.

The curriculum includes a holistic view of the technological process, from raw material requirements to the evaluation of the quality and defects of baked goods.

The external education of baker, confectioner and bakery sales apprentices takes place within the scope of specified framework curricula for apprentices in the Chamber districts of Potsdam, Cottbus and Frankfurt/Oder.

Participation is mandatory for apprentices. Moreover, participation on the training courses is also possible for apprentices from other food companies.

Our annual training and further education programme contains a number of interesting educational events. Please visit us at or request a printed copy (German language only).

Online-based learning resources for further education and professional qualifications are available on the IGV learning and information platform For your personal access code (user name and password) please register by mail or email the IGV.