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by milling and fractionation

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Whether it is bruised grain, flour, semolina, fine semolinas, legumes, oil seeds, herbs and spices, fibres, roots or residues, we have the possiblity to mill, roll, cut, dehull, sieve and sift a wide range of raw materials.

Service profile

The majority of samples has to be milled to allow further investigations in our accredited IGV test laboratory. For these purpose various technologies are available to ensure a suitable sample preparation.

Since 1996 IGV is responsible for the investigations on the annual harvest of wheat and rye in Brandenburg. These investigations include quality and processability regarding variety, mycotoxins, stalk-reducing substances, heavy metals and quality evaluation of wheat and rye.

We are the ideal partner for industrial interim projects, the production of medium-sized tonnages on behalf of our customers and the production of sample batches before entry into the production lines.

Milling or fractionation of vegetable raw materials is possible from 5 kg up to 500 kg.

› Quality parameter for bread cereals
› Methods for quality evaluation
› Wheat and rye for bread baking purposes
› Special milling technologies
› Weizen für die Brotherstellung
› Milling techniques for wheat and rye
› Quality requirements for milled products

› Particular flour and cereal analytics
› Sensory quality, colour values, texture, viscosity, grain hardness, impurities
› Particle size measurement (sieving and laser diffraction)
› Determination of contaminants (pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals)
› Moistening and conditioning behaviour
› Capability of baking and milling (standard milling and baking trials)
›Flour yield
› Evaluation of storage stability