Plant protein developments

[FOODTECH EZ • 13.02.2014]

As an experienced research institution which operates close to the industry, IGV GmbH has employee know-how, equipment and the analytical expertise to support projects with academic and agro-industrial partners with research services, or implement them independently.

Work in the field of texturing legume protein using a specific extruder technique led to edible products with high innovation potential. 

Within research networks such as the EU Project APROPOS ( to utilise canola protein and the BLE supported project Leguan to utilise pea proteins, the IGV brings in new processing ideas and practical tests, from the laboratory to the technical school scale.

For the experts of IGV GmbH, the main focus lies on cooperating with raw material processing plants - among other things, to implement raw material development, results oriented fractioning and modifications as well as product developments. All of these processing steps are accompanied by accredited analyses of nutrient values, secondary plant ingredients, but also possible toxins, plant protection agents and other contaminants.


17 partners worked together for the research project "LeguAN - innovative and holistic value creation concepts for functional feeds and foods made from native grain legumes, from cultivation to utilisation".  The intent of this research project is to increase the marketing opportunities for foods made from peas, and counteract the drop in the cultivation of native protein plants which has been in progress since years.


In the APROPOS project, raw materials are being processed for partners in science and industry from the aspect of application in cosmetics.


Another significant protein source for the future consists of microalgae itself, and the residue which is obtained if algae oils are used as a replacement for fossil fuels.