xCubio for research

[PLANTTECH • 01.01.2014]

Microalgae are produced in photobioreactors. These are facilities in which the single celled microalgae grow with a supply of light, carbon dioxide and nutrients. At the end, the microalgae are harvested from the photobioreactors, and then processed further, either directly or after a drying or extraction process.

Microalgae are especially effectively cultivated in a space saving manner in tubular photobioreactors in thin layers. They can be generated reproducibly and in a controlled manner in these systems, generating research results at the highest scientific level.

As a result of the reactor development, a new milestone got its start with the »xCubio-PBR« photobioreactor. The xCubio-PBR is specifically matched to the needs of scientific research with high quality demands. Due to the compact structure of the tube module and the removable illumination part, the complete reactor system which comes into contact with the media, including all connector parts, can be sterilised in one piece in laboratory autoclaves. Together with the benefits of the tubular construction, relevant quantities of high quality biomass can therefore be produced and analysed.

With the control system from BBI Biotech, the xCubio-PBR has another detail as a high-end product for researching microalgae. All sensors and control elements needed for the control and analysis of microalgae cultivation can be selected from a component box, and put together individually and flexibly. The management of the process factors which are especially important in microalgae research, such as the type and intensity of illumination, CO2 concentration or pH plays just as central a role herein as the operating elements, with their easy overview and intuitive design for controlling processes and recording data on hardware and software.