IGV FOODTECH is a recognised specialist in the development of machines and facilities, as well as processes and recipes for processing plant based raw materials.

We develop customised problem solutions for companies from the foods and feeds industry as well as the NON-FOOD sector.

IGV FOODTECH unites the fields of

Due to the close cooperation of both fields and the involvement of our accredited laboratory IGV TESTLAB, we can successfully work on even complex and sector-overlapping tasks.

Baking technology

The department of baking technology is the partner for companies in the fields of bakery wares production, the sweets industry, the supplier industry and machine/facility construction.

The service range extends from raw material analysis to recipe and product development, from technical and technological expertise via complex product and process development to in-house analyses of our customers' production processes at their locations.

Extrusion & Milling

This department develops innovative milling technology systems and procedures for grinding, fractioning and extrusion which preserve active substances and save resources, as well as new technofunctional ingredients.