IGV GmbH is Winner of the Protein Awards 2016

IGV GmbH won the “Most Novel Ingredient” Award for its Vegetal Flakes. The pea-protein extrudates – ProteinFLAKESProteinCRISPIES and ProteinNUGGETS are ingredients for various end-product industries. IGV has complemented its pea-based protein ingredients with tailored amino acids to offer a complete protein product for different consumer groups.  

Judge, Dr Cindy Gerhardt, Director of Operations, DSM Biotechnology Centre said:

“The judges unanimously voted for IGV GmbH. The Vegetal Flakes combine strong consumer benefits with innovative protein processing technology which is of great benefit to food manufacturers.” 

“Winning the Most Novel Protein Ingredient Award is the recognition of the concerted effort of our highly motivated expert team in providing the world with affordable, tasty, and complete vegetal protein alternatives for the daily food consumption of all consumer categories. We are looking forward to work with everyone, for a healthy future.”

said János-István Petrusán Drs., Head of R&D and Product Management, IGV GmbH Germany. 

The winners were announced at the 9th Protein Summit (19–21 September, Lille, France) which brought together experts from around the world to share their visions and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the global proteins world.

The Expert Judging Panel

  • Dr. Cindy Gerhardt, COO Biotechnology Centre, DSM (The Netherlands)
  • Mike Velings, co-Founder, Aqua-Spark 
  • Johan De Coninck – Business Development Manager, IAR (France)
  • Dr Stacy Pyett, Business Development Manager, NIZO (Netherlands)
  • Greg Bonnefin, Group Director, Newly Weds Foods (Thailand)

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