on single-, double- and planetary-roller-extruders

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The technical equipment has a capacity up to 400 kg per hour. The cooperation with the ENTEX® company offer symbiotic relationship in the field of planetary roller extrusion.

Service Profile

We are the perfect business partner for the production of small to medium sized volumes within industrial projects and for the production of sample batches before upscaling to the industrial level. This means lots from 5 kg to approx. 2,000 kg per day.

Fundamental, theoretical and practical feasibility e.g. lab-tests, prototypes, product and market studies, consulting regarding IFS FOOD 6, HACCP, product labelling for food and feed, calculation and labelling of nutritional values, EU Food Information

We are able to benefit from the whole potential from raw materials like wheat, rye, spelt, maize, barley, oat, legumes and other crops and trim them by extruding, roasting, flaking, coating or filling

Suitable procedures are figured out by customer oriented trials and application tests.

Practice-oriented training on technological facilities including laboratory analytics, raw material specification, quality assessment, influence of raw material quality on the process management, technical equipment for the extrusion.

Consulting in planning, construction and commissioning of extrusion facilities for food applications, starting up plants, employee accompanying, problem analysis, troubleshooting, fine tuning. We support our customers during the whole adjustment time of the new technology.

Extension and developement of product range, formula developement and improvement, internal and external customer trials and the possibility on testing customer owned plants in the new technical center

Up- and downstream techniques, related technologies for extrusion, roastig, fractionation, drying, flocculation, conveyor-, bulk material-, mixing technique