Made from plant proteins at the IGV

ProteinCRISPIES as a dry product, shelf life 12 months in a cardboard, application for Bolognese, mueslis, curd, yoghurt, food retailing
ProteinCRISPIES as dry convenience ingredient for spray-dried products (5 minutes terrine as bolognese ingredient), industry
ProteinCRISPIES "pre-roasted meatballs ", "VEGAN Bolognese", "Burger Patty", "boiled meatballs". Shelf: refrigerated PRODUCTS / frozen goods, food retail
ProteinCRISPIES in various preparations in vegan sausage products (coarse Bratwurst etc.), industry customer
✔ 100 % vegan ✔ Allergen-free ✔ Gluten-free ✔ GMO-free

Examples of final products

Burger Patty - final product with manufacturer-recipe
Meatballs - final product with manufacturer-recipe

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