Brandenburg Innovation Award 2016 food industry

Vegetal protein extrudates

The alternative to wheat and egg protein

IGV GmbH is the winner of the BRANDENBURG INNOVATION AWARD FOOD INDUSTRY in 2016 for the development of allergen-free vegetal protein extrudates.

The special feature of the products: they are allergen-, GMO- and additive-free and can be used in various ways, as a basic product but also as a raw material in recipes for diverse final products.

The protein extrudates produced by the IGV provide a solution for people who focus on a vegan and high protein diet, who look for alternatives to animal products and who pay attention to the composition of vegetal protein products.



A particularly clear property profile

Bite firmness
Bitter-free taste
Water absorption
Technological leadership in protein extrusion
Additive-free products (Clean label)


Plant protein-based products from peas (legumes) or other plant materials
Three protein-based products (PROTEIN-CRISPIES, PROTEIN-FLAKES, PROTEIN-NUGGETS) for ready meals (pre-roasted meatballs, VEGAN Bolognese, Burger Patty, boiled meatballs, high-protein muesli or animal feed)
Supplier for private label companies in food retail and corporate customers of the food industry
For people who focus on a vegetable and protein rich diet and search for alternatives to products from livestock farming
For people who pay attention to the composition of protein products (allergen-free, GMO-free, additive-free, natural ingredients)


Due to their allergen-free state, they especially stand out against soy products, wheat gluten products or egg protein products.

However, these IGV products are not meant to replace exclusively soy products, neither from the point of view of price nor the desires of the customer. The objectives are independent products with a clear message. They also follow a certain mainstream - a certain lifestyle.


From our 3 BASIC PRODUCTS private label customers can produce corresponding end products, which are then delivered to food retail or to wholesale customers.




Basic product 1 Basic product 2 Basic product 3
Protein content
62 g/100 g
Protein content
53 g/100 g
Protein content
85 g/100 g


Exclusive use of pea protein
Absolutely vegan
Allergen free, GMO free, gluten-free
(May contain traces of gluten)
Good digestibility
(lower ATI content by extrusion technology)
A full substitute for meat with a high biological value similar to whey protein
12-month shelf life without refrigeration
(microbiological stability)

Benefits for industrial consumers

The basic products are applicable in the final product in various ways. For example, the ProteinFLAKES can be used both for mueslis as well as in the area of meat substitutes.
This results in the final products High-protein muesli or pre-roasted meatballs, VEGAN Bolognese, Burger Patty, bioled meatballs or in the area of processed premixes for self-roasted meatballs. Equally they could be used in the dairy industry in the yogurt section for supplemental cereals.

A significant industrial benefit is the 12-month shelf life without refrigeration. This lowers the production costs compared to the traditional meat production (when used in meat analogues). By adding algae, the biological value (vitamin B12 content) can be increased compared to animal products.

Previously available on the market

Although there are offers of protein extrudates on the market, eg. crispies for the food industry, convenience products in the refrigerated section (mostly vegetarian and made from wheat or egg protein), they do not stand up to sensory and declaratory requirements and retail companies are urgently looking for alternatives.