World-wide contacts to biomass producers, extract purchasers and our know-how on the area of microalgae-cultivation offer optimal conditions for a marketable product with a high potential of added value.

Service profile

General, theoretical and practical feasibility e.g. by laboratory tests, prototypes and studies obtain knowledge on suitability of raw material for the intended application

Innovative approaches of customer-specific extract products are developing constantly. Also in the area of vegetal raw materials we will share our expertise.

The development and integration of the clients needs and ideas lead to optimised processes for efficient extract production. Common volumes are 1 / 5 / 25 / 1.000 / 30.000 liters.

For scientific purposes and within the scope of research projects we hold a wide spectrum of micro-algae strains:

› Scenedesmus
› Chlamydomonas
› Haematococcus
› Nannochloropsis
› Phaeodactylum
› Porphyridium
› Galdieria

To enhance our product range we are able to develope various applictions from the same raw material. The aim is to create a broad field of applications for health care and food or an own label of extracts/cosmetics.