The products and services of IGV PLANTTECH are based on 25 years of experience in research, development and production of extracts of microalgae, macroalgae and plants.

These active substance extracts/active ingredients are developed and produced for the areas of cosmetics, dermacosmetics, food and nutritional supplements. Since the second half of 2017, our production has been ISO 9001 and Halal certified.

We offer systems for the complete production chain, ranging from screening systems on a laboratory scale to modular industrial facilities for phototrophic production of microalgae. We offer standardised, proven technical equipment, and adjust the dimensions and equipment of the facilities to customer-specific requirements.

We pay special attention to researching the extreme biodiversity of the microalgae, new harvesting and processing methods, R&D&I projects concerning the formulation of functional products, as well as international training and consulting.

Some of the results of our numerous projects include e.g. our algae cosmetics series AQUAFLOR®

and a selection of various extraction technologies for a large variety of target substances made from algae. Recent results confirm the major interest in the potential of algae to represent an alternative to fossil fuels. They can also render our agriculture more sustainable by creating substance cycles and utilising CO2-containing exhaust or nutrient-rich wastewater.

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