Plant-based IGV protein extrudates

The alternative to wheat, soy and egg protein

Allergen-, GMO- and additive-free as a basic product but also as a raw material in formulations for compound products with a very variable usage in the final product possible.
With its protein extrudates, IGV offers a solution for people who are increasingly focusing on vegan and high-protein diets, who are looking for alternatives to animal products and who pay attention to the composition of plant-based protein products.


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Everything used to be different ...

Research for a healthy future - that was our slogan for almost twenty years. That was not a bad idea. Research was carried out in large projects. Our name stands for it: IGV Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH. A lot of knowledge was generated, especially basic knowledge.

That was the building block of the future - a healthy future from a business perspective. Healthy products have always been plant-based. But the world continues to turn and we turn with it. Our knowledge and research alone are no longer enough.

Then came an idea and a new vision

It all started with intuition and a vision of the future. Tentative beginnings of a completely new market development were sensed and observed by an engineer with vision. That was almost 10 years ago. Protein powders from animal products had been around for a long time, but plant-based protein products?

The idea for an alternative to animal protein products was born. The time was ripe for it. Nutrition and factory farming no longer fit together for many people. We already had the technology to manufacture such products - extrusion.

Until then, however, these had always been products containing starch - cereals, in other words. It quickly became clear that plant-based proteins were not going to be a success in the near future. Now we needed products that could be eaten and, above all, tasted good. Again, the spirit of research and the inventive genius were called for, and that was to pay off.

Today we are ...

A producer - made in Germany - of a high-quality product range of which we are proud. Protein-rich breakfast snacks, protein-rich sweet snacks, vegan convenience products from burger patties to bolognese to pasta and co or energy extrudates are the new product world of IGV.

We are particularly interested in the fitness industry and vegan bulk consumers. Private label productions are our new business model. We continue to work with our customers to develop a healthy future. Ideas are always welcome.