Facts and figures

Founded in 1960
Annual sales ∅ 6,5 Mio €
Investments into laboratories and technical schools ∅ 700 T € annually
Employees Approx. 95 full time employees. This includes biologists, chemists, process technicians, foods chemists, engineers, business economists, technicians, masters, chemistry lab technicians, biology lab technicians, IT specialists, mechanics, etc.
Number of patents 12
  • Nuthetal at Potsdam/Berlin
  • Bad Belzig (malt application laboratory)
Core expertise
  • Bakery technology
  • Food- processing
  • Foods analysis
  • Specialisation related training and further education

IGV GmbH possesses excellent worldwide contacts in the sectors of foods production, biotechnology as well as machine and facility construction. Together with the network of colleges and other research institutions which were developed throughout years, this forms the basis for innovative, market oriented developments.