Cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms

The products and services offered by IGV PLANTTECH are based on 30 years of experience in researching and developing the cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms such as microalgae, cell and tissue cultures. IGV PLANTTECH has emerged as a reliable, professional provider and supplier of technology in this field to universities, research institutions and research departments in companies of all sizes.


The staff, consisting of natural scientists, engineers, designers and technical personnel, has longstanding and comprehensive knowledge of phototrophic biotechnology, offering, for example, experience in the field of studying and characterising active substances, process and product development, and photobioreactor design.

Phototrophic production of active agents and raw materials

IGV PLANTTECH's core objective is the technical and technological development of cultivation systems for phototrophic production of active agents and raw materials in the areas of cosmetics, the chemical industry, energy industry, environmental technology, agriculture, healthy eating and functional foods. 

Furthermore, the processes involved in processing technologies and methods are developed right up to the stage of industrial application and applied on a pilot scale. In all these developments, the results of research in the fields of biology, biochemistry and high-end process engineering are linked productively and efficiently with the latest insights into the physiology of phototrophic microorganisms.