Analytical testing fields

Valuation of marketability with a declaration verification

Contact person
State certified diploma Food chemist Svenja Weiß
Phone +49 33200 89-144

State certified diploma Food chemist Cornelia Weise
Phone +49 33200 89-349

Testing of food and feed ingredients, nutrients and heavy metals

Protein, amino acids (free and hydrolysed), fat, fatty acids, fat key figures
Digestible and indigestible carbohydrates (ballast substances according to AOAC/ §64 LFGB/ ICC, pentosane, inulin, low molecular ballast substances-NDO)
Heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Hg etc.)
Water, mineral substances, common salt, preservatives, sweeteners (among others, steviol-glycoside), vitamins, ß-glucans, sugar (mono-, di-, polysaccharides)


Contact person
State certified diploma Food chemist Svenja Weiß
Phone +49 33200 89-144

M. Sc. Luise Kowalski
Phone +49 33200 89-136

Analysis of contaminants, residues and undesirable substances

Mycotoxins, ergot alkaloids, aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, fumonisine, zearalenon, DON, DON derivatives, T-2-/HT-2 toxins etc. Fusaria toxins, masked toxins, alternaria toxins Acrylamide, 3-MCPD-fatty acid ester, PAK, mineral oil hydrocarbons, softeners

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State certified diploma Food chemist Doreen Schwarzkopf
Phone +49 33200 89-279

Dr. David Schröter
Phone +49 33200 89-266

Dipl. troph. Kristin Gödeke
Phone +49 33200 89-263

Special proteins (Proteomics)

technical enzymes

Contact person
M. Sc. Luise Kowalski
Phone +49 33200 89-136

diploma Food chemist Phillis Wieland
Phone +49 33200 89-268

Molecular biological and microbiological tests

Detection of GMO and allergens using qPCR and ELISA
Microbiological status (licensing in accordance with § 44 of the Infectious Diseases Act on working with pathogenic microbes)
Analysis of drinking water (Legionella)
Process hygiene controls
Identification of microorganisms (bacteria)
Preservative burden test, inhibitor test
Cell biology tests

Contact person Molekularbiologie
Dr. rer. nat. Marion Mägdefrau
Phone +49 33200 89-347

Contact person Mikrobiologie
Dipl. Biologe Michael Kliefoth
Phone +49 33200 89-259

Testing of medicinal and spice plants and essential oils

Essential oil in accordance with Ph.Eur, GMP, LFGB
Individual and main component analysis of essential oils (GC/FID, GC/MS)
Active substance testing in accordance with Ph.Eur. (Thymol, carvacrol, fenchon, estragol, valerenic acid, rosmarinic acid, hypericin, apigenin-7-glucoside etc.)
Contaminant analysis


Contact person
Dipl.-Ing. Ulrike Bauermann
Phone +49 33200 89-207

Testing of grains and mill products

Moisture, hectolitre weight, occupation, thousand grain weight, whole grain share, germination rate, grain hardness, glassiness, sieve analysis, peeling yield, WAI/WSI, grinding yield / test grinding, flour type testing
Enzyme activity: Case number, á-amylase, peroxidase, maltose
Wheat/wheat flour
Rye/rye flour
Sedimentation value
Stickiness test
Grinding test
Rapid-Mix test
Practice simulating baking test
Square pan baking test
Soaking curve
Grinding test
Sourdough baking test

Contact personr
B. Sc. (FH) Besim Latifovic
Phone +49 33200 89-425

Dipl. troph. Kristin Gödeke
Phone +49 33200 89-263