Test laboratory to examine the marketability of foods and feeds

IGV TESTLAB is a test laboratory which is internationally active for industry and trade in testing the marketability of foods and feeds, plant based raw materials (grain, flour), medicinal product raw materials and cosmetics according to the current European and German foods and feeds laws, as well as the Medicinal Products Act.

Tests are all performed in accordance with European standards; accreditation in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and GMP certification in accordance with § 67 Medicinal Products Act. The testing laboratory is recognised by the federation states as a counter-sample expert in foods tests in accordance with § 43 LFGB and certified food expert in accordance with the GPV of 11/08/2009.

The test laboratory is listed for feeds with QS GmbH since 2007. The quality policy of the test laboratory, which is accredited since 1994, aims at high expertise, rapidity, free consultations on current laws and the introduction of analytical/methodological innovations.