Sensory Evaluation


for bakeries and the retail trade

The quality of a product is a decisive factor for its success and the initial and repeated purchase by the consumer. If the controlled quality attributes do not match the customer’s requirements, the product can easily lose its acceptance and it will not achieve sales.

A sensory quality evaluation is suitable for the frequent control of your product range, for evaluating the quality of newly developed products, for verifying the best-before dates in storage tests, for analysing product defects, for comparing competitor products, for comparing products with different ingredient and processing parameters and for customer acceptance tests.

Range of services


Good product quality should never happen by chance but rather should be the result of numerous professional tests. A broad range of possible methods is available for testing. Sensory evaluation should also be performed prior to the production process within the scope of the raw materials receiving process. We offer an optimal selection of suitable sensory instruments for the individual production stages. A well-trained and educated sensory panel is absolutely required; we have such a panel in our accredited sensory laboratory.

We evaluate raw materials and ingredients, baked goods, pasta, confectionery products, cereal products in an unprejudiced and objective way, based on precisely defined descriptors.


Sensory and analytical measurements are a great help in determining the quality and suitability of raw materials in the production process. In cooperation with the accredited IGV test laboratory, we are able to conclude precisely from the quality of the raw materials on the quality of the final product.

Sensory tests are also recommended in the production process in order to influence the entire process in a targeted fashion and to detect the reason for possible quality deviations of the final product. We would be delighted to put our comprehensive expertise at your disposal.


One of the main tasks of a producer is to recognise and avoid product defects as early as possible.

The sensory evaluation of baked goods allows the quality to be assessed based on predefined attributes, possible deviations in quality and their cause to be determined and finally corrective measures to be introduced.

We apply different test methods for the evaluation of quality. These methods have a high informative value and have been statistically verified. We guarantee a non-judgmental and compre­hensible estimation of the quality within the framework of previously defined attributes.

Within the scope of our sensory evaluation range, we offer the possibility of examining the quality of your products on a frequent basis.


We will also train your employees in the application of sensory test methods and we can also provide in-house training within your company.